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One which is representative of a gaggle as a whole: the squirrel, an example of the rodent; launched Each and every new term with examples of its use.

As explained in RFC 2606 and RFC 6761, numerous domains which include example.com and example.org are taken care of for documentation uses. These domains could be used as illustrative examples in documents without prior coordination with us. They aren't obtainable for registration or transfer.

An example from the phrase "example" is really a troubled movie star acquiring a more time jail time period since additional information protection encourages more and more people to stay away from issues.

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A thing that serves for a pattern of conduct to get imitated (an excellent example) or never to be imitated (a foul example).

4. an occasion illustrating a rule or technique, like a mathematical difficulty proposed for Answer. five. an occasion, Specifically of punishment, serving to be a warning to Some others: Community executions ended up intended for being examples towards the populace.

/ɪɡˈzɑːmpəl/ noun one. a specimen or instance that is certainly usual on the group or set of which it types portion; sample two. someone, action, issue, and so forth, that may be deserving of imitation; pattern: you should set an example towards the young small children three. a precedent, illustration of a basic principle, or design: an example inside a maths book four. a punishment or even the receiver of a punishment serving or meant to function a warning: the headmaster built an example of him five.

These nouns refer to what is consultant of or serves to explain a bigger team or course. An example is actually a ordinarily agent component that demonstrates the character of The entire: “With the despotism to which unrestrained military electrical power sales opportunities we have plenty of examples from Alexander to Mao” (Samuel Eliot Morison). An instance is undoubtedly an example that may be cited to verify or For example a degree: an instance of flagrant corruption.

a. A punishment given being a warning or deterrent: observed the boy's suspension as an example to all pupils thinking about breaking The principles.

A scenario is surely an motion, an occurrence, or possibly a issue that relates specifically to one thing staying discussed, made the decision, or taken care of: a normal situation of child neglect. An illustration clarifies or explains: provided an illustration from the term in context. A sample is an actual Section of something much larger, presented as evidence of the quality or nature of The entire: gave us a sample of her mood. Specimen often denotes someone, consultant member of a group or course: This poem is a good specimen of her do the job.

Domains that are referred to as registered to IANA or ICANN on coverage grounds aren't readily available for registration or transfer, apart from country-identify.details domains. These domains are offered for release from the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee Secretariat.

3. an instance serving for illustration; specimen: The situation histories gave very carefully detailed examples of this disorder.

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Specific domains are set aside, and nominally registered to “IANA”, for specific plan or specialized reasons.

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